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The Social Explorer: Social Media & Small Businesses…

15 May

Social media savvy small businesses can benefit most from a sound social strategy…don’t get left behind!

Good use of social media by a small business can beĀ even more beneficial than it is to a large corporation. The stand out difference could be that the smaller business has a focussed fan base – having targeted key blogs, emailing directly and taking time to advertise to the relevant end-user means that the smaller business will be more engaging in its social spaces. There’s an argument that a small business won’t have time or resource to implement a good and impactful social strategy. And when you consider that 75% of the largest companies have less than 3 people working on social media at any one time, is it any surprise that a smaller business could fail to justify investment of time and resource into this marketing tool?

Get the thumbs up from potential customers with your social media strategy...

So I’m here to say (for what it’s worth) that if you provide a product or service, part of your business plan should include a social media strategy! It’s free to use across pretty much all platforms and it gives you the chance to interact on a personal level with existing and potential customers. Now…its not particularly easy if you’re not social media savvy and you may be tempted to take on an intern or employ a social media specialist (perhaps not an option for a small business) so its important to learn the ropes first. Looking at businesses in your sector and their social spaces is extremely important, as well as ‘nerding up’ on the how to guides the likes of mashable and techcrunch will talk about. Once you know your Posts from your Tweets, its time to get yourself out there – create your profiles, set up a Twitter account and maybe even get yourself onto FourSquare.

I’ll be posting a step by step guide of how you can create your own profiles, administrate, communicate effectively and generally make the most out of social media. For now, if you’re a small business owner don’t forget that communication is king and if you’re not part of the ‘social revolution’ then your competition and customers will leave you behind…

– The Social Explorer