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The Social Explorer: Lady Gaga tops the social charts!

19 May

How the Queen of Twitter has trained her Little Monsters…

Not happy with having unparalleled success in the charts, a billion YouTube video views (and counting) as well as winning 3 Brits, 8 EMI’s and 14 Billboard chart awards – Lady Gaga has taken the pole position of ‘Most Powerful Celebrity’ on the Forbes 100 list.

Lady Gaga...

Knocking Oprah Winfrey off of top spot hasn’t come without effort…Lady Gaga has turned her motley crue of ‘Little Monsters’ into hardcore Twitter followers, Facebook fans and YouTube subscribers – tapping into all of the key social networks at a time where they are at their most popular. Her demographic is wide…males, females & everything inbetween but essentially all part of the digital generation. Whether the monsters are downloading her latest album on iTunes, watching her on YouTube, Tweeting about her or watching her live, they are switched on, engaging and have helped Lady Gaga become the biggest sensation of the 21st century. I’m not her biggest fan and certainly not a Little Monster but I welcome her over Mr Bieber anyday. So who or what is next? Has Gaga hit the sweet spot before social starts to decline or is this how future super-celebs will make their mark from now on? Thoughts below…

– The Social Explorer


The Social Explorer: Microsoft PR Disaster

18 May

Proof that not all PR is good PR…!

I watched the following video waiting the entire time for the punchline. It never came. Computer giant Microsoft have got it wrong once again and in my opinion, the marketing person in charge over there needs to go. Yes, I have shared this video to my entire address book and yes I’ve posted it on my Facebook (and now my blog too…!) BUT I send with a ‘you won’t believe that this is serious’ or ‘Microsoft done it again’ – not all PR is good PR!

Now you’ve watched it you might understand what I mean about the punchline (sorry for wasting 6 minutes of your time – click here to get it back) It certainly doesn’t inspire me to host a Windows party and definitely doesn’t make me want to invest in another Microsoft Windows update. Infact it leaves me feeling pretty happy that I own so many Apple products – happy that I feel so far removed from what has become a very uncool brand. If Microsoft was a person, he’d be a confused, socially awkward elderly man…perhaps a person that you feel you must say hello to at a party (if he was there) because you know it’d brighten up his day. Sounds like this guy.

So what would I do if I was in their marketing department? I’d look at who our customers really are, who wants to be associated with us, who NEEDS us and what we’re here for. Create and market products to these people – lets not try and cover the social leaders, professionals, creatives and their grandma…focus your efforts and reap the rewards. What’s your opinion on Microsoft in the 21st century? Think they’ll be phased out in the coming decade? Thoughts below…

– The Social Explorer

The Social Explorer: The Mini Countryman Campaign

16 May

Grand Theft Auto LIVE in Stockholm…get your carjacking skills at the ready.

Every so often, I see something that completely changes the way I think about how technology can connect us. Something new, exciting, relevant and impactful usually fits the bill and the Mini Countryman campaign ticks all the boxes (and more!)

The New Mini Countryman

There isn’t a great deal I need to say about this, the wrap up in the video pretty much does the talking. But it does present a completely new way of marketing a new¬† product. It seems almost like a 21st century version of the ‘touch the truck‘ competition’ but a jump in technology means that thousands people can interact with each other – leading to a lot of positive things to say about Mini as a brand. That the average person playing this game spends over 5 hours doing so says a lot about how far people will go to win something as big as a car – when the mechanic is right. One of the last things said about the campaign…’it’s so social’ and it is. Bringing people from an online game environment to interact with each other in the real world is no mean feat, and something that I would LOVE to see develop…perhaps this is one way to deal with obesity in children? Where do you see this tech fitting in to marketing campaigns and beyond?

– The Social Explorer