The Social Explorer: Analytics made easier with Twitter & TweetDeck?

24 May

Is any Adobe Air developed beta platform worth $40M? Twitter says yes.

Twitter Logo

With the news that Twitter has finalized a deal with TweetDeck to acquire their analytic and reporting platform, are we to look forward to a full reporting suite withing Twitter? Facebook already has Facebook insights, and though it’s not the most comprehensive of tools it is at least a simple integrated and official analytic platform for all to use. It would be an exciting (and time saving) prospect for businesses and personal users alike to be able to use TweetDeck within Twitter BUT I feel that we are some way away from this.

TweetDeck In Action

Maybe Twitter will use the developers code to put some sort of analytic platform within the Twitter interface in the future, keeping the more detailed bits outside of this and on a seperate application. But the main concern is…will Twitter keep TweetDeck as a free to use bit of software or are we going to be paying monthly for it? It doesn’t currently drive any revenue, it’s simply an Adobe Air developed beta piece of software. But Twitter have paid over $40M for this software…without a hope of it making them any money back unless they allow advertising within the application or charge you for it. So if this becomes the official Twitter analytics platform, would you pay to use it on a business level? What other social analytics tools do you use?

Let us know in the comments below…

– The Social Explorer


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