The Social Explorer: Guerrilla Marketing at its best?

13 May

Guerrillas in the mist…stand out and make your mark with a unique campaign…

I am a big fan of Guerrilla Marketing when it’s done right. It can be inspirational, funny, witty, clever or commercial and if it’s really good then all of the above. The reason these campaigns excite me so much is that they’re all about imagination, creativity and it seems more energy and time is put into the thinking behind the idea (vs. traditional marketing) as well as the application. The other side of this is that it doesn’t revolve around huge budgets so it’s open to anyone with a truly unique and engaging idea.

One of my all time favourite examples of strong Guerrilla Marketing (though it doesn’t hit the humour mark) is Sixt’s European Airport rental campaign. The sheer simplicity of this campaign is what Guerrilla Marketing is all about. They were struggling to make their deals known in the advert heavy airport environment – getting lost in a sea of posters, wall hangings and floor decals (really you can’t look anywhere without being attacked by a brand?!) So…’Solution’ – they plugged in 6 very strong wi-fi routers, changed the names of the routers to explain the deals and made a custom landing page explaining everything for all those who used the network. Laptops, iPhones & Blackberry’s could all use the free wi-fi and were all exposed to this brilliant campaign. Though the results weren’t posted, you can certainly imagine that the ROI on this would have been astronomical given the relatively small set-up costs. Here’s the YouTube video…

And Sixt have continued with their Guerrilla Marketing campaigns, though I’ll leave you to decide if this was a success or simply a bit offensive…(even Sixt are asking themselves same question…!)

What are your thoughts on Guerrilla Marketing? Is it effective & have you spotted a campaign that makes Sixt’s efforts look old hat? Comment away…

– The Social Explorer


3 Responses to “The Social Explorer: Guerrilla Marketing at its best?”

  1. toasty redhead May 14, 2011 at 7:50 am #

    Right on!

  2. lshamilton May 16, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    Cheers TR!

  3. matt laclear seo August 2, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    Good points

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