The Social Explorer: The Future of Social Commerce…

11 May

The key to successful social commerce is to remember that ‘Quality is better than quantity’

Working in Social Media & e-commerce and we’re always looking for new ways to drive our Social strategy forward. There are a wealth of agencies, plug-ins, articles and social experts to guide you in the right (and often wrong) direction. So, I thought I’d join the endless list of people who tell you what they think the next big thing is…

1. Social Shopping. If used properly – and it hasn’t happened all too often yet – social shopping can be very effective. This is going beyond the simple ‘Like’ plugin that most companies have adopted, and more towards innovative solutions whereby customers can feel like they are actually shopping together. Away from the likes of Amazon and ebay, there is a big USA player making some interesting steps to integrating social networks to a shopping experience. This is – logged into Facebook, you can invite your online friends to shop with you on and chat with them in real-time. Though we may not quite be ready for this step, it feels like we’ll be seeing something very similar in a year or two and wondering why no-one had thought of it before… F-Commerce. It can’t be denied, shopping on Facebook is an attractive proposition for retailers and consumers alike. It means that we can remain on our beloved Facebook for a few minutes longer, and for retailers, shopping becomes truly social and there’ll be more links shared than there are seasons of Big Brother. Now…doing this properly is key. Simply using a mobile feed to push your whole catalogue is not how it should be done (yes, we’re looking at you, ASOS) but the selection should be based on friends birthdays, your likes and other products relating the FB user. The lazy approach looks just that, and we’re looking at the more innovative retailers like Amazon, Levi’s Friend Store and Trip Advisor for tips on how to do this properly.

Amazon on Facebook...3. Group Buying. No we’re not talking crowd buying (Groupon, KGB deals etc etc) but more clubbing together with your Facebook / Twitter connections to purchase a single product or service for someone else. A classic example that comes to mind is the always-awkward leaving present at the office. So, you decide on that perfect oversized calculator for your spreadsheet loving (soon to be ex) colleague and you’ve spotted the perfect website to purchase it on. SO…the difficult part getting the cash to pay for it. What could be easier than sending out a link and letting your colleagues do the rest? Well ebay’s Group Gifts is a great example if what you want is on ebay, or head to somewhere like edivvy if it’s not. There isn’t a huge amount of choice at the moment but to me it’s a no brainer and something that should, and will grow.


There are many more…and we’ll be giving you some more of our predictions in the coming weeks…

– The Social Explorer


2 Responses to “The Social Explorer: The Future of Social Commerce…”

  1. Solomon Saleh May 14, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    thanks for this post, I’m working on something similar here in London, and would like to speak to you about it, as it looks like you have a deeper understanding of how the social commerce should be. My name is Solomon, I’m a computer science student working on a new project. I have added you on linkedin.

  2. lshamilton May 16, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    No problem Soloman, glad you found it of interest! Got your linkedin request, lets hook up and discuss your ideas, happy to contribute where I can!

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