The Social Explorer: Skittles Campaign review…

10 May

Injecting some fun into the world of social media…attempt 2.0 (Skittles)

So I thought I’d kick off this blog with a little post on one of my favourite digital marketing campaigns. I work in social media, and to see something that brings a smile to my face every time I hit the page is no mean feat… Here’s the latest Skittles campaign…

Skittles Facebook Page

I love the humour Skittles has injected into its social media campaign. It’s fully supported on YouTube with their ‘Taste The Rainbow’ viral videos – often a bit gross, usually funny and always random.

Skittles on YoutubeIt appears to be working…with almost 6,000,000 video views on YouTube and over 16,000,000 ‘likes’ on their Facebook page they are flying – in a very competitive market this is a huge success. The campaign’s had some brilliant feedback through its life – all in all the branding for the campaign has been around for more than 10 years (making it one of the longest running campaigns in history) including praise from creative sites such as ‘Creative Criminals‘, Tech savvy sites such as ‘TechCrunch’ and not forgetting the mighty ‘Econsultancy.

Now, we’re not forgetting the slightly trusting efforts they put into user-generated content (putting LIVE tweets on their homepage…oops!) This ended rather badly with TechCrunch testing the water (tweeting a slightly un-tactful Tweet ‘Skittles causes cancer and is the root of all evil in the world’) BUT I think they’ve judged this one much better hence my conclusion that it’s a fab campaign and something I’ll continue to follow.

We done a little more exploration (I lie…Google done this for us, we just typed it in) and spotted that the guys behind Skittles most recent stab at social is San Francisco based agency Evolution Bureau. So a big pat on the back for these guys – and a personal thank you for injecting some fun back into the sometimes over-serious world of social media.

– The Social Explorer


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